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highlight of the 2016 !!!PFLNG SATU sailed away !!!!
June 18, 2016

assalamualaikum!!:) salams ramadhan ! hye peeps! a pause in updating the blog heheeh but today gonna be the #throwback kinda entry ..yeah bout a month ago :p actually dah taip lame..cume lupe nak get it publish:p hahaha is the throwback entry :p

 yeah it was d paramount event of the 2016 per say…lots of sacrifices & energy consumed to make the big dream becoming reality !

feels proud being part of the team…not physically..heheh but hey behind every successful man a woman ! one of the chosen one :p heheheh #alhamdulillah

yeah it was the day 15th MAY 2016 …the historic day for all the teams PETRONAS + Technip + DSME as they teamed up  to make this happened … congrats ::) after 3 years of all the hard works…today most of the team mates who still here in Geoje…came early morning witnessing the sail away of PFLNG 1 :)


.how majestic it looks ! alhamdulillah ! bravo :)

Oh yeah apa actually PFLNG SATU stands for ? might familiar to those oil & gas people…but kinda alien jargon to us ? esp me in the beginning haahha…

PETRONAS Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (PFLNG) is a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility custom-built as a vessel to liquefy, produce, store and offload LNG. It will play a significant role in PETRONAS’ efforts to unlock the gas reserves in Malaysia’s remote and stranded fields deemed uneconomical to develop and evacuate.

ok layman explaination by my husband…if previously once kite notify tempat tuh potentially ada gas…kite pergi tengah laut..gali..sedut…then bawak those gas ke pengkalan ( darat ) baru those minyak diproses ..and menghasilkan products ..but with this PFLNG new invention by PETRONAS…kita just pergi tengah laut 9 tempat yg kita detect ada gas…gali..sedut…and boleh terus diproses..di mana-mana :) so more cost ..time..effective ! thumbs up to Malaysia! * clap! clap!



yeah did i ever shared how i ended up here ? in scenic island of Geoje South Korea ?:) ok…back in mid 2014 i was struggling persuing my master programme of O&G ( not oil n gas ! heheh but obstetric&gynaecology ) in HKL was heartbreaking when u had to leave your husband ..kiddos at home…doing oncalls..which needed me to be 36 hours in hospital…despite cuddling your love ones..but grateful enough having such supportive husband..who never complained bout your absence most of the time. Cant denied everytime i drove home…me easily tears ! yerp..when I was in hospital..surrounded with all my colleagues..always envy can they divide their times with their love ones…non said it easy…but nevertheless they still succeed ..yup maybe some of them havent get married…thus no commitment..but they still have…some married but still not conceived yet..but bout less than 10% married..have children..but still they survived through the master programme..what a bless!

I adjure you by Allah give me the best for me & my family for now & future…because only Allah knows the best for us ..till one day suddenly my husband told me that he got an offer to be the lead of electrical engineer for  this project of PFLNG 1…which needed him to be posted to South was melancholy!! im so happy for him…because this his highlight of his career…but at the same time i have to vacate my master ! trust was not what other people think…it is not i dont have BIG be one of the specialist in Malaysia..i did !!! some gave my suggestion to be apart with my husband hence i can continue with my master..but how my children? ill be focusing with my job & study..then they will be left handled by a helper ? huhu yup istikharah is the best..& here we are in Geoje Island :) Allah just setting it right for us :)

Obviously , there will be touchstones in our life right..the hiccups etc so that we will always keep praying to The Mighty..:) afterall , im so beholden with whatever i have now…we will feel happy if we are looking for the happiness :) insyaAllah !

ok heheh back to the historic day ..


PETRONAS backbones..proud of u guys:)


and of course to my soulmate…proud of you…lead electrical engineer for this mega project..& alhamdulillah Allah destined me & kids to be by your sides here dear…this may be one of the focal point in your career ..may Allah bless in any ways  & more success in future insyaAllah !


when the ship near the breakwater ( structures constructed on coasts as part of coastal defense or to protect an anchorage from the effects of both weatherand longshore drift ) suddenly we heard beautiful azan…such a heart rending !!! most of us there just tearful ! Allahu akbar..Allahuakbar….this wont be real without His approval though …


us with the historic ship ( first in the world ! )


bye2 PFLNG1 …may u safely arrive the destiny ( by the time this blog updated..the ship arrived Kanowit field , Sarawak :) alhamdulillah !


Insyirah Kasih Bella Fareeha…they maybe did not understand the feeling of excitement + wistful of this sail-away ..but they are among the chosen ones…to be here part of the history :)



proud daddy !

After witnessing the PFLNG SATU passing the breakwater , we went to small BBQ party organized by PETRONAS in term of appreciatin their staffs..:) hehheeh Langkah kanan ! heheh super- hungry …need to load my tummy though heheheh





it was their day…watching their baby proudly sailing in the ocean :)






aina + me + ayin ..among wives who still in Geoje ..but sadly to say now only me left here.!! InsyaAllah jumpa lagi kat Malaysia nanti k !! :)

Last but not least ….PFLNG SATU maybe the 1st floating ship for O&G in the world…yeah it is just a ship ….but for us …( those who were involved ) ….it way more than that….lotsa sacrifices paid to be successful…. by virtue of this dream…some wives/kids maybe away from their husband / father …a son /daughter away from their parents ..some maybe have to quit /resign from their job to be with their husband…more & more to say here…but Alhamdulillah things happened for good reasons..insyaAllah !!! :) nevertheless , congratulation to all !! congrats Malaysia !! :)


and now my husband is the lead electrical engineer for PFLNG 2 ..:) may Allah always granted you with good health , prosperity ,happiness & success :) amin!!!

thanks for reading !


springKorea2016 : picnic with Tulips in Suncheon , South Korea
May 10, 2016

assalamualaikum! morning!

cam biase waktu update blog early morning :p ooo kali ni kiteorang plan picnic nasi lemak heheh kat Suncheon Bay Garden …how far erk? about 90 km from our place in Gohyeon . Actually , we get the infos from our friends kate banyak tulips kat situ :) Husband bagi greenlight and happy nak driving heheheh taraaaa pepagi kul 10 camtuh kiteorang sampai….besar gile tempat ni ! entrance fees murah aje..tak sure berapa sebab husband yang queue bayar hehehe bila tanya dia jawab ..murah aje:p ..ok so considered murah la tuh:p heheheh


masuk je dah nampak tulips heheh


unfortunately no Malaysian flag…but luckily we have Malaysian man!!! truly Malaysian hahah :)

mase kuar rumah tadi..tak sempat breakfast pun..since memang plan nak berpicnic kat sini heheeh ok jom cari port picnic..Insyirah & Fareeha to much excited…they love picnic!




Insyirah busy with her drawing..adik seems lapar…ibu sibuk amek gambar:p hahaha


The kiddos not so into nasi lemak…they preferred rice & curry :p so bekalkan dorang kari ikan :)


ayah suap kakak…:) ibu suap adik…dorang dah kenyang baru ibu & ayah dpt makan nasi lemak :p


for hub ! :) Hubby tak makan telur kite bagi telur goreng ..heheh


mine ! i love to have nasi lemak with boiled egg ! :)

ok dah kenyang baru boleh jalan2 kat Suncheon Garden Bay ni….joms tengok tulips!:)


taraaaa…subhanaAllah ! cantik sangat2 kan…:) varies in colour! i love the whites though!


yay our perfect family picture of a day! :)




the prominent ones !


they keep pestering us for playground ! :p heheheeh happy enough being kids…they just need to play and play :)


close up shot :)


well bloom tulips..think the petals gonna fall off soon …huhuhu


simply love those whites !



where actually the camera! :p


Fareeha loves the flowers alot!



alololooooo scchweet sgt ! * melting *



cantik memag cantik ! puas hati dapat tengok tulips :) alhamdulillah !

tapi Insyirah tak puas hati tak dapat jumpa playground :p hehehe ok2..misi mencari playground…takkan park besar gini takde area untuk kids kan :p okkkk at last !



dorang main kat sini pun dah lame :p as long as they & hub pun happy..kat area playground ni pun ada flowers :)



cantikkkkkk kan !!!!:)



when Princess striking a pose ! :p

dah puas main..tulips pun dah tengok..perut lapar semula…and kene cari port untuk solat :) we had fries only from Lotteria..then solat kat area padang situ :)


heheh sepet mata dia…dah la panas..almost tak nampak hahahah




ibu & ayah solat budak 2 orang main pasir huhu


love this picture so much ! n love u kakak!


& this picture too !!! love u adik! :)


nak print besar gambar2 ni nanti :)


the yellow + green + fareeha… just blended in harmonically !




aaauuuuuwwwww  fascinated with the flowers :)



these flowers pun cantik ! kinda daisies maybe ? :)

told ya..the park punya la besar…lenguh gak nak menapak…nampak ice cream layan esekm plaks hhehee kiddos main bubbles ! enjoy !





happy nya adik dapat main bubbles !


best main bubbles sebab windy sangat arituh..xyah blow bubbles tuh hehehe




dah boring main bubbles ..nak drawing plaks…she drew all the flags :p heheheh


tengok ibu kena gak layan lukis bendera :p heheeh


nampak sekalian manusia tuh ? yesss…d park memang sangat besar..and we all tak larat pun heheheeh…



ok..pastuh we all plan nak balik rumah dah…but my friends said nearby this place macam filming village untuk drama2 Korea.. basically i know none of them huhuhu ( bukan penggemar drama /film Korea ) ..but since dah dekat nak gak la pergi …dalam 10 mins je jarak dia heheheheh



guess who was the photographer ? heheh Kakak Insyirah !! yay! clap clap…hehehhe

dalam area ni…deretan kedai2 lama…kira zaman dahulu kala hheehe ramai locals yang datang sini…they rented costume…and took picture around the area..girls will wear school uniform ..mens will be in Navy uniforms..agaknya orang Korea dulu camtuh kot…mostly Navy will dating school girl ????? hahahhaha





background cinema lama..heheh






heheheh pandai sangat berlakon kan ???? :p haahah but insyirah just mendalami watak  too much..memang betul2 bad mood ..sedih heheheh sebab penat kot ..dari pagi kan ..ok2 dear..kite balik k :)

ok..those kat bawah saje edit bg nampak cam dalam drama :p







hehheheeh ok sorry tak pandai edit2 hahahahah

saje bg nampak real :p

ok that was the wrap of the day ! alhamdulillah :) sampai jugak ke Suncheon ! heheeheh

oppsss nearly 8 o’clock ! Insyirah kena pergi sekolah..hujan plak arini..syok dia tidur :p

thanks for reading ! XOXO

springKorea2016 : JINHAE cherryblossoms festival 2016 :)
April 23, 2016

Assalamualaikum !!! morning :) Hujan pagi ni ..sejuk…rasa cam nak balut diri ni dalam duvet …Fareeha & Insyirah still sleeping..hubby dah pergi kerja tadi…ni je pun mase boleh tengok blog ni :p heheh taaaarrraaaaa make a wild guess…where was this place ???? like seriously? cantik camni…yeah it is!!!! gebu2 bunga tuh…cherryblossoms y’ollllllssss heheheeheh

NIC_6065We were at Gyeonghwa Station , Jinhae , Changwon !!!

Actually , last year we went here twice…1st with my aunty’s family….tapi tak pergi kat stesen keretapi ni….2nd time pergi with my bro’s ..tapi dah hujung2…cherryblossoms banyak dah gugur…tapi discussed ngan hubby this year jalan2 tengok cherryblossoms yang dekat dengan rumah aje la :) some more if pergi mase festival….kereta macam semut !!! penuhhhhhh!!! jem ! Tapi , perancangan Allah itu yang terbaik kan..tetibe hubby kata…jom la kite pergi Jinhae ..lagipun kita dah nak balik Malaysia for good soon !!! me like ??? lets GOOOOO !! heheheh kiteorang pergi weekday masa tuh…hubby ambil cuti…( thank u dear…terharu sebab u sanggup guna annual leave u nak bawak i tengok cherryblossoms …sayang ketat2 heheheheh )

Weekdays pun orang ramai..tak tahu la weekend camne :p heheheheheh


The cherryblossoms were looking pink !!! pokok dia rendang2…tengok betapa ramai manusia heheheheh mostly locals pun..

actually on the way to this place pun…memang area Jinhae ni penuh ngan cherryblossoms..ade pinky ..ada white…seriously cantik! sebab full bloom mase ni ..subhanaAllah !!!


Suasana kat Gyeonghwa Station …spotted Insyirah & Fareeha :)


Wow..ade bubbles lagi…Insyirah called this..bubbly shots hahahahah pandai2 je kan :p memang anak Ibu pandai :)

Hah..tuh la Korail Train yang sangat glamour…if pergi Jinhae ni surely orang nak amek gambar kat keretapi tuh…..with cherryblossoms as a background…tapi beratur actually orang nak bergambar situ…( to Koreans ..keretapi & those cherryblossoms symbolized their beautiful journey of life ..but life is cherish it while it lasts )IMG_5685


Sebelah keretapi pun boleh hehehe :p thank you Kakak Insyirah…u made this picture bubbly ! haahah ( trying different lens with different camera )


Bila dah kat perantauan…perasaan ‘proud to be Malaysian’ memang ada..hehehe rasa happy bila nampak bendera MALAYSIA :) ni rasa nak menyanyi…jalur gemilang..lalalala..sila sambung sendiri lagu itu..hehehe


Told ya…semangat nak mengabadikan bendera Malaysia :)


Jejaka Malaya !! he’s mine :)

ok selebihnya memang posing2 je kat sini..capturing the best memories with cherryblossoms :) enjoyss…


We were tilted by Sara Insyirah heheheh creative dia amek gambar :p heheheh



kiteorang struggle la bergambar gilir2..tetiba ade Korean yang baik hati ..nak tolong amek kan gambar satu family :)


ni orang nya! heheeh thank you so much ! Dia pulak mintak nak bergambar dengan Insyirah & Fareeha heheh Fareeha cam pelik napa aunty excited sangat :p haha


heheheh posing berangan…sebab soh mengadap matahari nak dapatkan lighting cantik :p seb la pakai sunglass tuh..or else mendidih mata ku :p hehehehe


No wonder ramai orang datang sini…the such beautiful view ! Unique nye cherryblossoms !


Macam2 la dia nak beli :p hehehhe



Fareeha always with dresses ..everytime lepas mandi..she will be the one yang pilih baju dia nak pakai ..( kadang2 penat ibu dah prepare baju nak matchy2 ngan kakak huhuhuhu )



Doraemon kan ni ? bukan supposed kat Jepun ke ? heheheh Doraemon pun melancong ke Korea kot:p heheheh

So ..penat dah gambar2 tengok cherryblossoms…perut dah lapar…plan nak pergi lunch…ternampak plak ahjussi jual monopod..manual…3kwon aje..~rm10 …sebab nak selfie tak berapa pandai…una monopd maybe senang …try jap..:p



hehehe macam gambar honeymoon dulu2 masa baru kawen :p


say kimchiiiii :)

Insyirah and Fareeha buat hal sendiri main2 tepi tuh ..kat korea tak risau biar anak term of safety..Korea one of the best! Moga Malaysia pun macam tuh jugak nanti..amin :)

Ok jommm makan…lapo2…hehehe so we all pergi makan nasi goreng kat one of halal Indonesian restaurant …frust takde jual ayat penyet huhuhu tapi okla dari takde kan..alhamdulillah :)

Perut kenyang..dah solat…hubby ajak pergi Love Romance Bridge of Jinhae yang famous tuh :) ingat macam dah malas…but dah alang2 sampai Jinhae..jomssss:)


Taraaaa…speechless cantik! :) subhanaAllah !


Cherryblossoms in memory ! :)





Jalan2 bawah pokok cherryblossoms…banyak jugak yang dah gugur pun …



Reeha bila posing heheh cian gigi reeha..nanti balik Malaysia kita jumpa dentist k sayang :)


Prince Korea ke tuh reeha ? hehehehheeh


Kakak hovvvverrr sangat posing tuh :p


heheheh ni la dua beradik…kejap baik..kejap gaduh ahaks !  Insyirah love to tease Fareeha heheheh suka tengok adik dia nangis…tapi dia sayang..really protective :)


heheh even dah kepenatan..baju pun tali dah terbukak hhahahah tapi tetap posing :p

So , ada playground kat situ…melayan Fareeha & Insyirah main …dorang dah penat jalan2 amek gambar…so kena banje dorang main plaks…main swing..tagging ….heheh janji dorang happy..upah coz they really behaved..both are my great daughters!  :)


Patting a lil rabbit ! :) more cherryblossoms…insyaAllah ada rezeki..sihat..panjang umur…maybe boleh datang Korea lagi nanti :) Thank you Alla syukur sangat2:)

balik kepenatan,..tapi im the happiest girl !! thank you mr hubby u so much ! :)


springKorea2016 : amazing cherryblossoms in Geoje!
April 19, 2016

Assalamualaikum !!! seronok tengok blog sendiri yang penuh dengan bunga :p hehehehe Alhamdulillah ! cherryblossoms was full bloom around 7th April 2016 onwards ! MasyaAllah SubhanaAllah ..memang cantik !!! the whole tree turns white with shades of pink!!! memang la lawoooo nooo ( kuar dah bahasa Johorean ) :)


Cantik kan !!!  this year plan taknak dah pergi cherryblossom festival..cannot handle the traffic…etc. Plus  near our new home in Gohyeon…ad beautiful spots full of cherryblossoms ! near Geoje Samsung Hotel ! Actually tempat ni dari dapur umah boleh nampak..everyday la jenguk…hahah tengok dah cantik belum heheheheh


Ok..whats so special about these super beautiful cherryblossoms ???? cherryblossom  or sakura ke..they are the same flowers indeed ! To Japanese or Koreans…cherryblossoms or sakura like represents the fragility and the beauty of life . Kehidupan dunia yang indah tapi hanya sementara . Cherry blossoms ni bloom once a year ! and they are can only be cherished for about a week ! Pastuh gugur la bunga2 tuh ..huhuhu


Masa ni Fareeha tidur…so dapat la ibu die posing dengan cherryblossoms! heheheeh  The view was amazingly scenic ! Full bloom !!!



Lucky me ! sebab hubby rajin layan ahaks ! ;p




Love the pic ! I love your smile Kakak!




Thank you for miss photographer !! Sara Insyirah ! hehehe pandai snap kan picture ibu & ayah ! :)


Ayah ensem with beautiful daughter ! Daddy’s girl :)


hehehe Adik Reeha baru bangun tidur :) cian kene tinggal erk..heheheh


so sepanjang jalan ni…full bloom of cherryblossoms ! we all jalan2 ambil udara segar Korea:)


adik still sleepy :)






jalan clear…amek peluang bergmbar tengah jalan :p heheh



Fareeha always with the crown …( erkkk…) heheheh



our family picture of the day :)


oh another family picture di bawah pohon cherryblossoms :) nampak tak apartment nun belakang tuh ? hah kat situ rumah kiteorang STARHILL APARTMENT ! heheheh

ok ..actually the whole Geoje Island pun banyak cherryblossoms blooming on that particular weeks:) budak2 dah melayan ibu & ayah spring hunting…so kena cari playground untuk dorang main plak :)

We all pergi Victory Park , Okpo ….situ pun banyak cherryblossoms! indah sungguh ciptaan-Mu ya Allah ! :)


Insyirah & Fareeha were having fun in the Victory Park…kelihatan ayah di bawah cherryblossom ye :p heheheheh




Apelah ibu bebel2.heheh surely nak dorang slow2 turun takut jatuh :p heheheh ibu love both of u so much!


yeah….can feel the aura of cherryblossoms…no wonder all people from other countries nak sangat tengok sakura or cherryblossoms..they are beautiful in real ! and they arent last for long time….minggu tuh asyik hujan..and gugurlah bunga2 ni bersama2 hujan dan angin….till we see you again cherryblossoms…bila lagi agaknya…leave it to Allah..ada rezeki insyaAllah :)

Alhamdulillah terima kasih ya Allah :)

happy me !!!! :) :) :)

thanks for reading !

xoxo !

springKorea2016: Awesome Daffodils in Gonggoji , Geoje !:)
April 16, 2016


I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.( William Wordsworth)

Assalamualaikum!!! hah cantik kan bunga daffodils ni !!!!! hah banyak kisah dari kisah Daffodils ni heheheheeh yerp…another entry after another! if i can be this efficient when i was doing my master :p heheheh Ok , well since now spring time…every weekend my hubby will ask me..any plan..any flower to see :p hahah but this weekend he is the one who proposed the idea! :p heheheh since the place was being told just nearby our house…and within the Geoje Island itself no need long hour driving. i love it too because if short distance..tak perlu bawak bekal2 ..masak pepagi ehehe;p

Thus , that was on Saturday…weather were looking good..sunny & bright….memangla dekat je..the place was named as Gonggoji located Yegu Village , Ilun -myoen ..just near Wahyeon Beach…just ikut signboard tulis Gonggoji….so we all just follow…taraaaa after 15-20mins dah sampai…parking pun quite cramp..but luckily ada :) normally kalau ade festival bunga ni…memang kena jalan banyak…but mendatar aje…yang ni kiteorang tengok cam naik bukit…ingatkan dekat…mak aih…rase nye total almost 5 km kiteorang berjalan..( sambil kena dukung fareeha on&off ) pastuh tetibe hujan renyai2 plaks…since dah alang2 sampai teruskan jugak la…seb baik Insyirah tak banyak ragam..and die sangat energetic!  the journey was hard though…its like kiteorang kat hujung kaki bukit…and the flowers tuh cam hujung kaki bukit sebelah tuh…means kena naik bukit….sampai puncak…baru turun semula n jumpa bunga tuh! huwaahhhhh !


ni baru less than suku perjalanan..heheheh hujan renyai2…budak2 cover ngan jacket aje..


Fareeha dah tak larat naik bukit..kene dukung…seb pakai tudung..kire cover la kan even hujan hehehe if tau geographically tempat ni begini..sure sarung tracksuit & sportshoes aje…and takyah pakai handbag ku itu!!! huwah!!


Ingatkan dah sampai tau….hidung dah kembang kuncup…penat hahahah rupe2nya…nampak track belakang tuh? haha masuk hutan dulu ye..


hah baru pintu masuk dalam hutan tuh hah…heheh payung pun dah buat tongkat:p ahaks


posing dulu :p


layan fareeha nak posing dulu gaks :)


the journey begins…..( hah dah tuh dari tadi naik bukit??? ) ooohh tuh kira warm up :p hahahahah


ni track dia….quite slippery sebab renyai2 kan…sempit…orang ramai gaks….yang bawak kids yang still nak kena pimpin..or dukung memang quite dangerous la…sebab ada track dalam lagi tuh….lagi la bahaya..just batu2…then tali je tempat nak pegang…imagine la..ngan kids kan…takleh nak amek gambar dah:P so takleh nak tunjuk track yang horror tuh hahahah


akhirnya sampai jugaks!!! :) )))

ni la bunga daffodils….i was mesmerized ! subhanaAllah cantik !!! yellow colours sometimes orang panggil Narcissus / Jonquils hah begitu la..heheheh tapi sebab penat..hujan renyai2…track sempit..hahahah macam menganggu gak mood heheheh


I was mesmerized with these Daffodils!! cantik ! The old couple that owns the arboretum has been cultivating these flowers since 1969 ( izit for real ??? )




orang semua berpayung..kiteorang dah malas nak pegang payung heheheh maybe kat Korea kena hujan ok..tak berasid,…seronok la insyirah n reeha main hujan :)


gambar pun gelap…langit tak cerah :p


clear plak hujan tuh turun kan heheheeh yet..we still can pose kan Kakak! heheheh



me at 34 years 3 months ( me bukan retis – age is not a secret :p ) hahahahahah ooo #nofilter :p

obviously seen those wrinkles :p thinking about aesthetic treatment pasni heheh


Me & Insyirah busy posing…Fareeha merenung bunga..yup she loves the flowers…macam Wan Chom ..:) die suka pegang..bau..and tenung bunga2 tuh…rumah we all kat Malaysia takde satu  bunga pun heheheh nanti balik kita gardening k adik :)



happy kids main hujan :)

tengok track belakang tuh….sempit berbatu2…memang tak sesuai bawak small kids..tapi banyak jugak Koreans yang bawak kids…since they love nature & outdoor activity so much..dari kecik pun dorang bawak pergi tempat2 camni…bagus kan!!! If kat Malaysia dulu..sure la i wont bring my kids to the forest..tempat berbatu camni..risau kan…huhu now dah duduk sini…perception tuh berubah sikit ::)


cobaan nak men’wefie’ heheheheeh


dah jalan..hiking jauh2 camni..kenala ada kenangan family picture is a must ! hehee mintak tolong one of the local…gelap .tapi takpela…heheheh janji ada :) thank you sir ! heheh


next to Daffodils…pantai yang indah…takde pasir..batu2 sahaja…we all tengok those Koreans dorang susun batu2 laut tuh…bertingkat2….tak faham kenapa heheheh Insyirah and Reeha plak turunkan hahahha so tanya my friends…they said most probably tuh macam tempat dorang mintak hajat something ritual gitula…oppssss!! then batu2 yang Insyirah & Fareeha turunkan tuh ??? tak sampai agaknya hajat dorang ..sorrryyyy!!:)

Okla…since hujan…tak lama pun kat situ..dalam hati ya Allah nak kena menapak…naik bukit semula ?????? huwaahhhh ! tapi takkan nak tidur situ kan….hehehehe and paling best tetibe Fareeha mengantuk ..terus tidur..hahahah seb baik Ayah dia gagah perkasa…dukung dia sepanjang2 tuh :p mau 2000 calories tuh burnt hahahah


Kakak memang power..takde nangis2…takde complaint pun penat ke ape..happy aje :) look at her pose :p ahaks!


same track nak balik….oh my!! risau sangat dah la hubby kena dukung fareeha ! sebelah tangan nak pegang tali…but Alhamdulillah weve made it !!


yay !!! my father is my hero !!!! hheeheh nanti dah fareeha dah  besar kene tunjuk dia k ….:)


ada small stall kat tepi tebing laut tuh jual seafood pancakes!!! sedap!  As for Insyirah..she just need plain water to recharge  ( dia tak suke sweet drinks and dia tak suka seafood  ) ….heheeheh Good job Kakak!!! Love u !

Ok itu la kisah kami & daffodils :) Alhamdullilah for the opportunity ! this arboretum has been ranked no.8 on a list of 20 must – see attractions at Tripadvisor ! yay!! ( senyum dalam kepenatan )


salams :)


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