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highlight of the 2016 !!!PFLNG SATU sailed away !!!!
June 18, 2016

assalamualaikum!!:) salams ramadhan ! hye peeps! a pause in updating the blog heheeh but today gonna be the #throwback kinda entry ..yeah bout a month ago :p actually dah taip lame..cume lupe nak get it publish:p hahaha is the throwback entry :p

 yeah it was d paramount event of the 2016 per say…lots of sacrifices & energy consumed to make the big dream becoming reality !

feels proud being part of the team…not physically..heheh but hey behind every successful man a woman ! one of the chosen one :p heheheh #alhamdulillah

yeah it was the day 15th MAY 2016 …the historic day for all the teams PETRONAS + Technip + DSME as they teamed up  to make this happened … congrats ::) after 3 years of all the hard works…today most of the team mates who still here in Geoje…came early morning witnessing the sail away of PFLNG 1 🙂


.how majestic it looks ! alhamdulillah ! bravo 🙂

Oh yeah apa actually PFLNG SATU stands for ? might familiar to those oil & gas people…but kinda alien jargon to us ? esp me in the beginning haahha…

PETRONAS Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (PFLNG) is a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility custom-built as a vessel to liquefy, produce, store and offload LNG. It will play a significant role in PETRONAS’ efforts to unlock the gas reserves in Malaysia’s remote and stranded fields deemed uneconomical to develop and evacuate.

ok layman explaination by my husband…if previously once kite notify tempat tuh potentially ada gas…kite pergi tengah laut..gali..sedut…then bawak those gas ke pengkalan ( darat ) baru those minyak diproses ..and menghasilkan products ..but with this PFLNG new invention by PETRONAS…kita just pergi tengah laut 9 tempat yg kita detect ada gas…gali..sedut…and boleh terus diproses..di mana-mana 🙂 so more cost ..time..effective ! thumbs up to Malaysia! * clap! clap!



yeah did i ever shared how i ended up here ? in scenic island of Geoje South Korea ?:) ok…back in mid 2014 i was struggling persuing my master programme of O&G ( not oil n gas ! heheh but obstetric&gynaecology ) in HKL was heartbreaking when u had to leave your husband ..kiddos at home…doing oncalls..which needed me to be 36 hours in hospital…despite cuddling your love ones..but grateful enough having such supportive husband..who never complained bout your absence most of the time. Cant denied everytime i drove home…me easily tears ! yerp..when I was in hospital..surrounded with all my colleagues..always envy can they divide their times with their love ones…non said it easy…but nevertheless they still succeed ..yup maybe some of them havent get married…thus no commitment..but they still have…some married but still not conceived yet..but bout less than 10% married..have children..but still they survived through the master programme..what a bless!

I adjure you by Allah give me the best for me & my family for now & future…because only Allah knows the best for us ..till one day suddenly my husband told me that he got an offer to be the lead of electrical engineer for  this project of PFLNG 1…which needed him to be posted to South was melancholy!! im so happy for him…because this his highlight of his career…but at the same time i have to vacate my master ! trust was not what other people think…it is not i dont have BIG be one of the specialist in Malaysia..i did !!! some gave my suggestion to be apart with my husband hence i can continue with my master..but how my children? ill be focusing with my job & study..then they will be left handled by a helper ? huhu yup istikharah is the best..& here we are in Geoje Island 🙂 Allah just setting it right for us 🙂

Obviously , there will be touchstones in our life right..the hiccups etc so that we will always keep praying to The Mighty..:) afterall , im so beholden with whatever i have now…we will feel happy if we are looking for the happiness 🙂 insyaAllah !

ok heheh back to the historic day ..


PETRONAS backbones..proud of u guys:)


and of course to my soulmate…proud of you…lead electrical engineer for this mega project..& alhamdulillah Allah destined me & kids to be by your sides here dear…this may be one of the focal point in your career ..may Allah bless in any ways  & more success in future insyaAllah !


when the ship near the breakwater ( structures constructed on coasts as part of coastal defense or to protect an anchorage from the effects of both weatherand longshore drift ) suddenly we heard beautiful azan…such a heart rending !!! most of us there just tearful ! Allahu akbar..Allahuakbar….this wont be real without His approval though …


us with the historic ship ( first in the world ! )


bye2 PFLNG1 …may u safely arrive the destiny ( by the time this blog updated..the ship arrived Kanowit field , Sarawak 🙂 alhamdulillah !


Insyirah Kasih Bella Fareeha…they maybe did not understand the feeling of excitement + wistful of this sail-away ..but they are among the chosen ones…to be here part of the history 🙂



proud daddy !

After witnessing the PFLNG SATU passing the breakwater , we went to small BBQ party organized by PETRONAS in term of appreciatin their staffs..:) hehheeh Langkah kanan ! heheh super- hungry …need to load my tummy though heheheh





it was their day…watching their baby proudly sailing in the ocean 🙂






aina + me + ayin ..among wives who still in Geoje ..but sadly to say now only me left here.!! InsyaAllah jumpa lagi kat Malaysia nanti k !! 🙂

Last but not least ….PFLNG SATU maybe the 1st floating ship for O&G in the world…yeah it is just a ship ….but for us …( those who were involved ) ….it way more than that….lotsa sacrifices paid to be successful…. by virtue of this dream…some wives/kids maybe away from their husband / father …a son /daughter away from their parents ..some maybe have to quit /resign from their job to be with their husband…more & more to say here…but Alhamdulillah things happened for good reasons..insyaAllah !!! :)nevertheless , congratulation to all !! congrats Malaysia !! 🙂


and now my husband is the lead electrical engineer for PFLNG 2 ..:) may Allah always granted you with good health , prosperity ,happiness & success 🙂 amin!!!

thanks for reading !



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