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Insyirah’s day out !! @ Regent’s Park, London
January 24, 2016

assalamualaikum!! hyeeeee after quite long silence back here again heheh quite busy after past few months..takde kesempatan nak duduk mengadap laptop sambil berblogging:p my friend said bley je update blog thru handphone…tapi if gune handphone the screen is much smaller…tak puas nak tengok each pictures tuh ..krik..krik..mengade erk:p ok2..nak gak justify kan nape tak update pun blog hahah:p

so , Alhamdullilah last month in December…we all went to London for family trip..yay!! dapat jumpe all my siblings & in-laws & nephews & nieces ( my side ) in London yawwww:p heheeh mase utk update ..gossiping…do shopping( sket2 je ) heeheh..yang penting dpt get together for 13 days :) for this entry actually nak citer one of the day mase we all kat London tuh…while all mommies busy shopping kat Bicester…d daddies plak sangat mithali jaga all the kids kat rumah …and brought them to the park ..gazillion thanks to them…so scchhhhweeettt :) )) but i brought my lil angle fareeha with me to Bicester..since she still bfeeding..cian plak nak tinggal : ) –> kesannye : i din do much shopping in Bicester hahahhaah thank u fareeha menyelamatkan poket ibu hahahahah ( mixed feeling ) hahah bley gitu??? sebab Bicester banyak sales masa tuh…huwahhhh!! Wati + Ah + Ani + Ad + Qist happily shopping sakan …syiokkk na :p


d mommies in the trip ! sebelum kuar shopping..dah siap2 kan anak..dah buat breakfast..dah sediakan lunch terus…pastuh posing k:p ehehhe love u all..:)


hehhe g Bicester ade chaffeurs yo! sabar naa mommies..istigfar byk2..heheheh


fareeha & izzara – fareeha is only 1 month older than izzara! gonna be BFF soon k:)

Again , terpesong dah ngan tajuk kita heheh..Insyirah’s day out :) So , di hari itu.. my hubby brought all d girls ( Insyirah + syasya +najiha + tina ) pergi jalan2 Regent’s Park . Menurut beliau..bawak kuar sebab budak2 dh bising kebosanan tggu mommies balik shopping hehehhe entry ni bertujuan kot one day bila Insyirah besar dah pandai baca blog ibu ni…terimbau la kenangan die jalan2 ngan cousins kat Regent’s Park , London :) Enjoy the pictures !


ok next to insyirah –> tina ( 8 y/o ) , najiha ( 10 y/0 ) & syasya ( 11 y/o ) ..but seems insyirah was doing good to mingle around with her lovely cousins ! ahaks good job kakak :) tapi biasela die still lg nampak childish ..but hey its not grow too fast k heheheheh


beautiful park indeed !


i love this picture so much ..can tell thousand words from it …dear girls..keep on going ..pray hard to ALLAH ..always place Allah in our heart …if one day u guys do not know where you are going..follow your instinct ( based on Allah’s guide ) believe that Allah’s plan is always the best..any road will get you there dear…to the success insyaAllah :)







ok …ni baru entry insyirah & her cousins heheheh more n more entry after this ..stay tune !!

thanks for reading ! xoxo


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