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an evening with the kids:)
May 11, 2015

assalamualaikum!!:) how time flies! almost 9 months I’m staying in okpo-dong , South Korea..i love this place! of course rindu all my families kat Malaysia..cume jatuh cinta with the environment :)

dulu i was too busy dengan kerja…working as a O&G department…n doing master at the same time…i stayed in Kajang n working in HKL…around 630 am dh kuar rumah…if on call overnight in hospital…then the next day at 430 pm baru kuar from HKL…ooo then stucked in traffic jam…sampi rumah around 6 pm- 7pm…tuh pun if lucky enough nak smpai awal mcm tuh…pernah post call ..9 pm baru smpai rumah…nangis2 dalam kereta..penat..ngantuk..lapar…rindu with kids kat rumah & hubby too …only ALLAH knows …huhuhuh suddenly my hubby ditugaskan bertugas di Korea ni…so dapatla ikut!! alhamdulillah…ALLAH answered my prayers & only Allah knows the best for us kan :)

actually nak buat short entry je..tapi dh berceloteh panjang plak hehehhe sowwwiiii:p

so last weekend…me& kerel brought our kids to the nearby recreational park..kire tempt nak santai2..ramai korean suke berpicnic…what i noticed..they always bring their picnic mat…then ‘lepaking’ with their kiddos…ade few simple gym facilities..then small playground for the kids…then track for jogging or brisk walking :)


Ni la my 2nd princess ..her name is Mysha Fareeha ( 2yrs 4 months old) …she more relaxed and reserving type of person..but once dh kenal orang tuh…ok je tak banyak boles cakap lg…ABC pun lom jelas..but ade bunyi la heheheh..can call Ayah clearly…akak..adik…tapi ibu!!! ooo belum lagi…tapi MOM boleh plak :p moga fareeha cepat2 pandai cakap k…leh la gaduh ngn kakak Insyirah nanti hehehehheheheh


happily playing with the bubbles!!


cute kan boy ni !! heheeheh


Kakak2 sangat dah Insyirah heheehhe…trying to entertain the younger ones…hehehe




this is my 1st princess… named Sara Insyirah ( 4 yrs 7 months old ) ..manja2 type…very friendly to the newbie…smer org pun die nak main.:)


She loves drawing & writing…


                                            hmmmm…choosing which flags that she wants to draw :p

what a simple activity that can makes our children happy kan…and kite pun happy :) seronok every week dapat jalan2 spend time dengan anak2..alhamdulillah :::)


                Insyirah with her new scooter…head gear pun belom beli lagi..tapi die excited nak bawak main luar ;p



               hhehehe die berlakon je…oooo im soooo tired ayah! lets go home :p

p/s : to Sara Insyirah & Mysha Fareeha ..ibu & ayah doakan kalian jadi anak2 yang solehah..baik..bijak ..pandai..berjaya dunia & akhirat! we all both of you so much!!! syukur padaMU Ya ALLAH..happy dengan nikmat & rezeki yang Kau berikan :) it was mother’s day yesterday..takde special celebration pun heheheh…yet  I’m so happy & proud being mommy to my both daughters!!!

Thanks for reading !! :)







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