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petik strawberry yg yummey:)
April 26, 2015

salams !! ooo dis morning ade convoy with hubby’s ofismates for strawberry picking yo:) erkk cm x sesuai nak ber’rap’ kan..but well suke suki je hehehe so back to the story..suppose nye convoy tapi cm bese nk siapkan 2 princesses..make sure they had their breakfast b4 pegi..or else lang cranky sbb lapo huhu so xdela convoy pun..just follows pakcik GPS…then here we are @ Sunday sunny day. arini panas temp around 22-24 kat msia age :p


memasing2 busy memetik strawberry yg manis & fresh..siyesly bile makan..terlupa tu buah strawberry ..manisnye lemak2 susu gitu..tgk2 smer nk pilih yg beso2 merah….but actually yg kecik2 tuh pun manis heheheh tapi princess ku Insyirah..sibuk pilih yg x masak sgt huhuhu bile tanye y u choose this one? her answer was ooo because I like pink !!!! :p smer pun die nak pink hokeh…smpai kan favourite animal pun nak oink oink…huwahhhh!! sbb kaler die pink! aiyooooo…but now dh berjaya tuko kan she loves dolphins ..fhewwwww heheehhehe


 seeeeeee….sgt merah ..gebus ..and rasenye mmg la yummeeeyyyyyy ::))


 antara staff di ladang strawberry heheheehhe opppsss my hubby melayan wifey yg jakun ngn strawberry…muahahaha :p


  fareeha princess no 2…yeah she loves fruits so much!! n strawberries ni antara yg sentiasa dalam fridge umah kiteorg :::))))

pas penuh dh kotak2 plastic d same time perut pun dh penuh ngan strawberries…heheheheh petik masuk mulut dlu..then br pilih msuk kotak :p heheheh amek2 gmbo group buat kenangan..then masing2 pun balik cari nasi plak….errrkkkk mmg kenyang dh mkn strawberry..tapi…cam tak lengkap kalo xde nasi hehehehhe



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