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# A collection of images captured on a weekly basis in order to run away from the structured behaviour of the engineering world. Trying my best to get in touch with my other side of the brain, exhibiting nature and culture in a different perspective.
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newcomer..writing a blog:)
April 25, 2015


sejak jd housewife di Korea ni teringin nak ade blog..borak2 ngan hubby ..die kate gune aje la blog die..since dh lame die x active blogging smer ni..erkkk y not kan! actually byk je keje nk kene buat jd housewife ni..tapi sajela mengada:p

insyaAllah ill try to blog s much s i can…mane tau nnt dh tua2 leh la bace kisah hidup sndiri ahaks..wish me luck!sape yg follow blog ni..jgn terkejut lak..sbb bukan mohd khairil hatta yg style nukilan n ideas totally berbeza ye:) well isterinye lebih sempoi ahaks!:p dh malam sgt ni..fareeha kne tido..heheh ill blog more later..nitey peeps!

P1040683taraa!! heheh ni gmbar kiterog g maehwa festival near Yeosu..last month kot…:) salams



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  1. Yeayy.. aku baca ur blog dr. Su

  2. fazi on April 26th, 2015 at 4:20 am
  3. hahahha fazi…sila la bace mase ko boring2 buat thesis tuh kan:p

  4. admin on April 26th, 2015 at 5:20 pm

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