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February 19, 2009

  • When I was a child, the most memorable cartoon that I loved was Toriton.
  • It was a story of an Atlantic Boy who possess a unique knife that produce a ray like the sun deep inside the ocean.
  • When I went to the Movieworld recently, I was expecting to see him (Toriton) waving his knife singing the intro-japanese song to us.
  • Only to be greeted by the western characters…sigh.
  • Anyway, let Toriton aside, we’ve enjoyed Movieworld to the max till we missed the bus. Had to charter a taxi to go back to our place. Worth every penny.
  • Enjoy the pictures!


We’ve been to Movieworld™


City of Gaming and Arcade


One of the Scooby-Doo-B-Doo character. Didn’t get his name.


Dailies were sold here. Lots of news bout the superheroes.


People queued for the Shrek Show


Compulsory portraiture in front of the Shrek Theatre.


This music man played in VI band.


They were fighting blurly and without a cause behind me.


Now you got it sharp baby.


Batwing Spaceshot – Jantung seperti tertinggal di tanah – Not for the faint hearted.


Spitting/Drooling Gargoyles inside the Scooby-Doo rides Hall.


She was posing in front of the Knight Templar. Currently, I’m reading the book titled ‘The Templar’s Legacy’. But the figure doesn’t seem to match the one in the book.


nyyytt, wassup doc? what? no doc? How about a druggist for a change.


People walking along the central road.blog3-016

Another portraiture at the Cowboy’s Town.


Point of launching for the scooby-doo rides. U’ll be entertained with quite a number of surprise for what seems to be gentle ride initially.


A saloon where they apply the anti-stiff cream before they cut your hair.


“Wait..wait.. let me include this umbrella to create the dynamics of the stretched hands. Click! Nice…


Ogre in the house

pictures by Khairil Hatta (019-2888274) (

Silhouette and Shadows at Q-Deck
February 16, 2009

  • There are not many skyscrapers built in Gold Coast.
  • Most only rise up to 13-15 floors.
  • But there’s one building called Q-One which stand tall like our own KL Tower.
  • It’s a residential building with the top tier, the Q-Deck as a lookout area where you can view the whole lot of Gold Coast clearly.
  • Enjoy the pictures.


She was standing behind the rusty metal planks of the Q-Oneblog4-001-2

As far as the eye can seeblog4-002

A symmetrical view from below looking up to the tower. The lines caught my eye straight away.blog4-003

Curvy window panels where people lean and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful golden beach.blog4-004

Yeah, a silhouette of us. Took 10 frames to get one that can be considered as a keeper. blog4-005

Gold Coast from aboveblog4-006

Silhouette and Shadows of Her at Q-Deck. I like the way the light falls.blog4-007

Since the light was too strong, I couldn’t keep my eyes open all the time while taking pictures.  Thank god for the liveview function.blog4-008

Shadows of the buildings casted on the shoreline.blog4-010-1

Behind the scene.blog4-010-2

A vintage look of her with the shades on.blog4-011

Blurry Bartender attending a customer on top of the Q-Deck.

Night Stroll at Gold Coast
February 11, 2009

  • Walking at the coastal road was a pleasant experience for us.
  • We met friendly people, nice stores and interesting atmosphere.
  • After a scorching hot day, the windy breeze made us calm and relaxed.
  • Enjoy the picts (lots of  it)


Through the glass of Mantra Legends


Her shadow casted on the wall of Mantra Legends


It’s flare time. I took a few shots to get the rim light as to separate my wife from the background. If you notice on the picture of the convenient store, there’s a bucket of banana. I bought a kg a day, coz it tasted so good.


People walking around the city at dawn. The road was not busy and you can’t see that many car as in our place. The bag that she was holdin marked the beginning of a shopping spree along the coastal road.


There’s a Vegas in Paradise as well as surfer’s Paradise. The camera can’t stop clicking.


He wore this garment a long time ago


Just so you know I was there hehehe.


Colorful lights was reflected on the glass panel of a bus stop.


Australian Communication Centre – Cheap payphone for you to call anywhere around the world


People walking towards Surfer’s Paradise – slowly at 1/2s


These ones walked faster


I have no idea who’s Sky Hooks.


This guy is funny. He played songs that no one can understand and cracked jokes no that no one was laughing at and yet, he made his living everyday here.


Fallen brochure. There’s too many of them to flip thru, we’ve decided to stick with the original planned activities.


Finally, someone I know from the past. There were many of these plate on the pavements. This is one of the few that can be recognized.


If it’s red, shoot it. A mantra I’ve learned during the early days of my photography journey. A definite keeper for me. That boy behind my wife was trying to pose despite his mom’s refusal.


We end the nite with a nice, succulent, juicy cuts of chicken and lambs at Ali Baba’s Kebab. – Highly Recommended. We miss ‘em so much. Note to wife – I want Kebab…..


And she’s still on the phone

Hello Aussie Oi! Oi!
February 9, 2009

  • After a long hiatus, I wish to add few picts from my family trip to Gold Coast.
  • First of all, my wife and I would like to thank Abg Ajib for the trip. May your business flourish in many years to come.
  • These are the pictures from the first day, most of it were taken at the Paradise Country Farm.
  • More pictures will be updated soon.


G’day Mate!


Morning view from Brisbane International Airport. aus-01-1

Filling in necessary Entry-To-Aus form. Picture taken by my wife. aus-02

Some may have their pasport stamped upon entry. Those lucky ones had it on the back of their palm.aus-03

This cute Koala warmly welcomed us to the Paradise Country Farm.aus-04

And this lazybump just sit there and watch.aus-05-01

My wife and I, with the kangaroos as the backround.


What are you looking at?aus-08

Sheep shearing showaus-09

The big and spacious dining hall with classic detailsaus-010

Give ‘em the boots, the roots, the radicalsaus-011


After you had a loaf of bread at the bakery, feel free to weigh yourself here.

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